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There is an increasing need for deblistering tablets and capsules, mainly in care homes and long stay wards.

The Professional Poppitt system was developed in the United Kingdom by a very clever pharmacist who was very conscious of possible repetitive strain injury of those staff involved with deblistering by hand large quantities of tablets, all year around.

Manual deblistering operations are very tedious and may cause serious RSI in the long run.

The professional Poppitt closely replicates the hand gesture by an electrically actioned push rod, with immediate release. The pressure on the drug packaging is similar to that of manual deblistering, and is constant.

The appliance is simple and requires no setting, which makes it very reliable.


Instructions for use

Instructions are very simple :

PoppittPro Simply place blister on front plate with one ‘pill’ within the ‘v’ push switch.
Hold blister pack firmly and push blister packaging into ‘v’ to operate the ‘push micro-switch’ within the device. The push rod moves down and pops the tablet down into the drawer located underneath
PoppittPro The push rod moves up instantly. Move the blister right or left to the next tablet to pop and so on. Some blister packagings have more than two rows of tablets or capsules. Simply cut the packagings to remove the empty row(s) so as to reach the middle ones.
PoppittPro The collection drawer is rather large. There are no angles so as to allow for easy cleaning. All parts in contact with drugs are made of food quality plastic or stainless steel.

The appliance complies with CE mark.

It is provided with a 220V/240V adaptor, a mains cord and an extra drawer.

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