Counting system for hard gelatin or soft capsules, tablets, …


With Easycount-CD5® :

  • make a precise inventory of all hard gelatin, or soft capsules, and most tablets, … allowing counts up to 99,999 pieces
  • fill all kinds of containers exactly and automatically
  • check number of full containers at any time
  • identify how many pieces have been counted in the last and incomplete container

Main Features

  • Counts capsules and tablets of all main sizes thanks to a unique system of interchangeable discs, allowing quick and easy operation.
  • Extra discs for standard on non-standard formats inline with client specifications and after completing technical validation
  • 1-year warrantee

EntonnoirGoulotteAccessories Supplied

  • One disc for hard capsules to choose from a range of 4
  • Central partition for use with the chosen disc
  • Stainless steel funnel for continuous feed
    (4 litre capacity)
  • Funnel-slides to fill all kinds of containers (4 sizes)
  • Black waterproof polyester cover

Optional Accessories

  • Standard discs for hard gelatin capsules : 00/000, 0/1, 2/3*, 4/5*
  • Standard discs for spherical or ovoid soft capsules
  • Standard or tailor-made discs for tablets*
  • Tailor-made discs for special items (contact us for more information)
  • Footswitch to allow free-hand work

*a specifc central partition is necessary for some discs (contact us for more information)

Technical Data

Dimensions 430 x 370 x 405 mm (excluding stainless steel funnel)
Weight 15 kg
Tension 230 V (110 V upon request)
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power 50 W
Body Stainless Steel
Control screen Backlit LCD Screen

 All parts in contact with items to be counted comply with food standards
CE marked



Download the technical data pdficon_large