Lissamin Green Strips

Lissamin Green Strip


  • Sterile round-ended strip impregnated with 1.5mg of Lissamine Green pharmacopeia (coloring agent E142)
  • Box of 100 ETO sterilised blisters (5-year shelf-life)


  • Staining of dead or degenerating cells of corneal tissue or conjunctiva
  • Diagnosis of corneal erosion, conjunctival injury dry kerato-conjunctivitis, pressure areas in contact lenses wearers
  • Identification of corneal problem areas before Lasik surgery

Lissamine Green features

  • Lissamine Green shows same coloring features as Rose Bengale
  • However, instillation of Lissamine Green is totally painless
  • Reading can be done under natural light

Important notice

  • European regulations now state that this product is for animal use only

The box and instructions leaflet are printed in 5 languages : EN, FR, DE, ES, IT